Fresh-cut meats, In-house sausage

Central Texas was once known for its meat market-style barbecue joints, i.e. meat markets that had a barbecue business on the side.

Many of those places are gone, or they have converted into barbecue-only businesses. A few holdouts remain, including one shining example: the Thorndale Meat Market.

At the heart of Thorndale Meat Market is our Meat Counter, stocked with fresh meats cut daily including Pork, Chicken, Beef, Deli and our homemade sausages.

We carry local, All-Natural Angus beef from 44 FARMS in Cameron, Betsy Ross Grassfed Beef in Granger, National's Certified Premium Beef, Holmes All-natural Texas chicken. We carry everything from USDA Select to USDA Prime.

Thorndale has long been known as a destination for great sausage, due in part to the long ancestry of German settlers in the area.

The Rodenbeck family has made sausage since they came over from Germany in the late 1800's, and today Thorndale Meat Market has more than 15 varieties ranging from All-Beef sausage for BBQing, to All-Pork German sausage, and more exotic flavors like Korean-style Bulgogi, Italian and Jalapeno/Cheese.

We smoke our BBQ over Milam County Oak using indirect heat and our in-house seasonings and sops. Dine-in or To Go, we serve plates, sandwiches, tacos, and wraps, and brew fresh tea and lemonade daily.

We carry a wide selection of fresh produce year round, and local produce when in season.










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Don't just take our word for it...

" There is no better BBQ in the world than Central TX BBQ and Thorndale Meat Market is the best of the best. It seriously doesn't get better. Everything is literally my favorite...smoked pork steak (it's impossible to describe how amazing it is), pulled pork, brisket, chopped beef, ribs, chicken and to die for sausage. But nothing beats the uncured dried sausage...truly unique and beyond amazing." - Monica L.

"I made the drive to get their amazing sausage. It was well worth the drive! The store is well stocked and the service was very friendly. They do sell out of sausage quite often, so you may want to get there early in the morning! They have all kinds of meats, cheeses, and other items needed for a great BBQ or meal. I will be making the trek from Liberty Hill on a regular basis!" - James C.

"Customer service is great. Well stocked and clean as well. Everything I've had from here has been very delicious. I've had summer sausage and cheese and it was great. Their lunch meat is fantastic. But the major star here is the BBQ! Today I finally tried the brisket and it was absolutely the best brisket I've ever eaten! I've been to every BBQ joint in Lockhart so believe me when I say this is terrific. I'm so lucky I only live about half a mile from here!" - Melissa W.